Follow Along

Follow along with Pastor Tom & take notes!

Series: Palm Sunday

Key Scripture: Matthew 21

Date: 4| 14 | 19

1. The Plan

references...Luke 19:30,32


2. The Prophecy

REFERENCES...zechariah 9:9


3. The Crowds

hosanna (greek word) means 'help', 'i pray' or 'save us now.'

psalms of halllel (psalms 113-118)

psalms of ascent(psalms 119-133)




I.Half of faith is learning what we don’t know.The other half of faith is unlearning what we do know

II. God’s desire is to get you into heaven, not keep you out

III. Do I want a ‘Forgiver of my sins’ or just a ‘Fixer of my troubles?’

IV. Am I following Christ or am I just following the rules?