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Skylar Dunham | Guest Speaker

| Message Outline |


| Application Questions |

1| Read Daniel 9:13-19

Nobody wants to go to an angry father for help. Did your earthly father often get angry when you did wrong and was repentance difficult? What’s different about our heavenly Father that should draw us to repentance? 

2| In verse 16-17, Daniel prays for restoration. What specifically does Daniel ask God to restore? How does God Answer? (read verse 24)

3| Though Daniel was a righteous man he took ownership for the sins of the people. Do you take ownership of sin or are you more like Adam and Eve? Read Genesis 3:9-13 for context.

4| Read Daniel 9:20-23

Clearly God answers the prayers of a repentant heart immediately. Does that mean we should expect immediate results?

5| Skylar said, “Repentance is a process that produces love and practices obedience”. What is the difference between pretending to be obedient and practicing obedience?